I  N  N  O  V  A  T  O  R  S    W  I  T  H    Z  I  N  C


Company Policy

  • Production and supply of products according customers` requirements and in compliance with all known technical and law requirements. Company management hinges on continuous increase of our customers` satisfaction and improvement of company`s results.
  • Responsible attitude to environment protection and preferance of pollution precautions and abatement of environment impact.

  • For achieving of these intentions the company commits to:

  • fulfill requirements given in internal and external regulations and increase efectivness of the management system;
  • execute the measures for increasing of customers` satisfaction;
  • arrange necessary training and motivate company`s staff to pursue the corporate culture of customer`s needs satisfaction;
  • prefer mutually beneficial relations between customer and supplier;
  • comply with all legislative requirements and relevant regulations in environment protection concerning our activities and products;
  • abate environment impact by pollution precautions mainly:

  •    - o decreasing of waste quantity and material consumption
       - o decreasing of emisions to environment

    Company policy/Politika spoločnosti

    Slovak version of Company Policy.../Slovenská verzia politiky spoločnosti...

    Plant permits/Povolenia prevázdky

    IPKZ – Zariadenie na výrobu zinkových zliatín a zariadenie na zhodnocovanie odpadov
    Link to IPPC–Integrated pollution prevention and control/IPKZ–Integrovaná Prevencia a Kontrola Znečisťovania životného prostredia

    Name change

    Name of the company was changed from MAZAK SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. to Brock Metals s.r.o. effectively from May 1st, 2009

    All of the existing contact details and identification numbers for the company remained unchanged and you can contact the sales team, production and accounting departments on the usual numbers. Along the new e-mail addresses and website also the old ones continue to work so we receive your e-mail even if you send it to old address.

    Brock Metals (former Mazak Slovakia) is a leading producer of high purity die-casting and galvanizing alloys in Central Europe. Based in Kosice, Slovakia, Brock Metals supplies the European market with a diverse range of special zinc alloys.

    The Mazak brand alloy is used for the die-casting of high volume, high precision components as used in the automotive or white goods industries. In addition we produce tailor made zinc based alloys as used in the galvanizing process for strip steel or hot dip galvanizing of fabricated structures.

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